• Pick the type of accommodation that suits you best – classic safari tent or glamping  versus fixed building, we explain the difference and help you choose
  • Review the “Monthly Guideline for Africa Wildlife Viewing” to make sure you get the best out of your journey.
  • Choose a small camp because it will make you feel more connected to nature. Wildlife will be closer or even within the perimeter of the camp. Be aware that small camps are much coveted and book out close to one year in advance in high season.
  • Camps with possibility for night-, boating-, walking-, or balloon safaris will enhance your experience by a multiple of factors!
  • Include a romantic sleep out under the stars – simply breathtaking
  • Bring a rented zoom lens for your camera to shoot close up pictures of the animals – well worth it!
  • Include visits to the village or cultural encounters for an all around rewarding experience
  • Bring a few school supplies for the kids you meet
  • Be sure to read up on (or ask us) about the National Park you think about visiting. Time of year and location of National Park can make a big difference.
  • Book with a camp that supports the local community (school, hospital, programs for people that are not directly working at the camp such as raising bees for honey to sell to camps, sewing souvenirs, weaving baskets) and practices sustainability.
  • Currently the exchange rate of the US$ to African currency is excellent giving you excellent value for your money!
  • Be sure you book with an experienced company where your advisor has actually been to the area and lodges.

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