Our Story

To all of you who know us, you most likely understand our passion for Africa as you have heard us talk about her with sparkling eyes. For those of you that have never met us, the passion we have is difficult to convey. Yet it is this passion that has gotten us into accompanying people to Africa or just planning the adventure of a lifetime for you.

We are a small team with first-hand experience in Africa. Growing up, living and working in Africa gives us insights that can not be duplicated. We share our time between our offices in Alexandria Virginia and Addo, South Africa to gives us, and in turn you, the best of both worlds. Spending time in South Africa allows us to keep our ears to the ground for information that does not reach the USA. Our friends and relatives are spread out over the African continent and news or sometimes just rumbles reach us over the bush wire! Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth not expensive marketing, hence we are able to work on a low overhead with the ability to price trips very competitely to allow us to make your dreams become reality.

My wife Poldi and I have managed resorts all over the world from Bali to Panama, Fiji and Belize. Needless to say, Botswana has been our favorite! Deep in the African bush, lions roaring, hyenas cackling, a hippo walking it’s trail 4 feet from my head each night and a 16 foot croc waiting at my fly-screen door one night! What can I say!

No matter which beautiful place in the world we were at, being South African, Africa always came up in the conversation. And naturally our African stories from our repeated trips as well as growing up, living and working there for many years turned into advice giving; which led eventually into full blown planning and actually taking people with us on our trips. Slowly but surely, the requests became so frequent that we have now turned our hobby, love and passion for Africa into a full time adventure! The dream has come through and we would like you to come along to share it. So please browse the adventures we have experienced, or even join me or our certified German/English speaking guide personally. Have a look, browse, dream and get in touch with us to turn your dream into reality.

MarkMark’s Bio: Mark was born and raised in a remote area in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa speaking Zulu before speaking English. The African bush was his back yard and his friends were kids from the local tribe. His love for nature took him to study forestry, which was then followed by managing large forestry estates. Always interested in the rest of the world, he moved on to work in New Zealand where he took up flying and received his Private Pilots License. His love for Africa quickly overcame him though and he kissed the ground after landing back home. He was now ready for a full throttle African adventure and managed an Earthwatch Crocodile Research Project in Botswana. Catching crocs of any size and getting volunteers involved in a safe manner to assist with the research was a dream come true. This is where he met Poldi, the love of his life and future wife. From the seasonal croc research project it was on to a more continuous position to manage Okuti, a luxury safari lodge in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Heaven on earth for Mark, but unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way and a move to the USA with Poldi was in store. It did not take long though and the couple’s spirit for adventure took them to manage resorts in Bali, Panama,Fiji and Belize to enjoy the beauty in this world. His craving for Africa took him back home to manage a safari camp again. The circle now has come to a close with Mark not only enjoying Africa himself but also extending other people the opportunity to experience what is his passion – AFRICA.

Africa is in my blood and I am proud and honored to be sharing it with you”
Mark – Your African

poldi beachPoldi’s Bio:

Poldi was born and raised in Austria. Her adventurous nature brought her to her first job working for Austrian Airlines so she could see the world. She traveled extensively and worked and lived in Saudi Arabia, USA, Hong Kong and Nepal where she guided high altitude treks to Mt. Everest base camp.  Liking to see the world from up high she got her private pilots license with instrument rating. It was during a short stint managing a crocodile research camp in Botswana that she fell in love with Africa which turned into managing a luxury safari lodge in the Okavango Delta. The quest for adventure continued at resorts in Bali, Panama, Fiji. and Belize. A 6 month break to travel through South America and Antarctica with Mark is fondly remembered.  Meanwhile, having traveled extensively throughout Southern and East Africa and receiving requests to organize trips turned into Adventure To Africa.

“I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.”

David Livingston – The Great African Explorer

Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you! ….Poldi and Mark

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We believe adventure broadens the mind and gives each of us a different perspective on life. Get out and experience Africa at it’s purest!


When you visit a unique destination and culture, your horizon expands and enriches your everyday life! Open your heart to Africa and Africa will open to you….your experience of a lifetime!

Happy dreaming and come adventure with us!

PS. The current exchange rate of a strong US Dollar to the weak South African Rand makes a trip more affordable than previously. Don’t miss the opportunity.