Wildlife Courses

Wildlife Training Courses in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe

Whether you like to turn your love for African wildlife and nature into a career or you like to immerseyourself for a selected period of time, these Wildlife Training Courses are sure to be remembered for a lifetime. A combination of real life African Bush adventures to handle anything that you might encounter and classroom studies are thought by professionals to provide you with a solid background.

Reconnect to the natural world through educational and exciting and life-changing wilderness experiences.


  • Like a safari experience with more meaning;
  • Track big game on foot;
  • Drive a 4×4 game drive vehicle;
  • Shoot a rifle,
  • Sleep out under the stars in the middle of great wilderness, surrounded by wild animals;


  • Own or manage a game or nature reserve or safari lodge somewhere in Africa,

Here are details on the courses. Please see below for  pricing and dates (date changes are possible so please confirm with us prior making plans).

Overnight in the bush

Overnight in the bush

DSC07921One of the camps during your course

Info, Prices and Course Dates for 2023:

Kenya – Course in  Masai Mara 

This course is a great fit for wildlife enthusiasts wanting to gain a greater knowledgeable understanding of nature while experiencing East Africa’s wildlife. Whilst absorbing all there is to know about nature, participants also learn about the three-way relationship that exist between the local communities, wildlife and conservation efforts.

7 Day Course: US$2,250.-

01 July – 07 July (MTC)

02 September – 08 September (MTC)

08 December – 14 December (MTC)

14 Day Course: US$3,850.-

01 July – 14 July (MTC)
20 August – 02 September (MTC)

14 December – 27 December (MTC)

We also have Kenya Field Guide and Kenya Safari Guide Courses held in Kenya. Please inquire.

Courses in South Africa: 

Wilderness Trails Experience

This purist wilderness experience is about traversing across some of the finest and most remote wilderness regions of southern Africa on foot. The course may challenge some personal boundaries as participants sleep in the open wilderness under the stars and travel light with minimal supplies.

South African Rand 12,050 Approx US$755.-

21 March 2023 – 27 March 2023 (Makuleke) 13 May – 18 May (Makuleke)
04 September – 09 September (Makuleke)


This course enables birding enthusiasts to identify a great variety of species of birds by sight and sound and to also learn about their biology and ecology. It also caters for those who wish to learn about the basics of bird identification or improve their existing identification skills.

South African Rand 21,750 Approx US$1,360.-

02 March – 08 March (Makuleke)
30 September – 06 October (Makuleke)

Tracking 7 Day Course

A vast amount of information can be gathered about mammals, birds and reptiles without ever having seen them. Every animal leaves some indication of its presence that can be recognized. Through the ancient art of animal tracking participants are taught how to ‘reconstruct’ the scene and understand what could have, would have, and should have happened. This course will engross participants in all aspects of traditional tracking skills – track and sign identification, animal trailing and hunter-gatherer techniques.

South African Rand 26,500. Approx US$1,656.-

08 March – 14 March (Makuleke)
30 September – 06 October (Makuleke)

Animal Monitoring

The course is a comprehensive 55-day, animal tracking course that thoroughly introduces animal tracking and its conservation management applications, immersing participants in actual animal tracking projects. This Tracker: Wildlife Monitoring course is a first of its kind tracking course in South Africa!

South African Rand 127.350.- Approx US$ 7,959.-

04 April 2023 – 01 May (Karongwe & Pridelands)

Trails Guide

This FGASA endorsed course aims to develop and practice skills and gain knowledge to attain the FGASA Apprentice Trails Guide qualification. At the same time enhance skills and knowledge learnt on the  Field Guide Course. Environmental knowledge, situational awareness and environmental appreciation will increase exponentially while on course, whether your interests are as a career guide working towards a qualification or for self-satisfaction and learning. The Apprentice Trails Guide Status is the stepping stone in the process for guides to acquire their Lead Trails Guide qualification

South African Rand 69,570.-  approx. US$ 4,348

14 May – 10 June (Kuduland)
04 June – 01 July (Botswana)
31 July – 27 August (Pridelands)
03 September – 30 September (Kuduland)

Field Guide NQF 2

This FGASA endorsed, CATHSSETA accredited course is the entry level qualification for field guiding which encompasses vehicle-based guiding in dangerous and non-dangerous games areas. Once qualified, the guide is able to identify and interpret biodiverse elements of the natural environment. The guide will be able to conduct game drives for guests in a limited geographical area. The syllabus covers a broad spectrum of subjects including 4×4 Game Drive vehicle skills specific for game viewing, species identification and tracking to mention a few. Time on this course is split between at least two of our remote wilderness camps, maximizing exposure to different areas, wildlife, biomes and biodiversity.

South African Rand 122 450 (approx US$7,653)

03 January – 26 February (Pridelands & Selati) 02 January – 25 February (Selati & Botswana) 08 February – 03 April 2022(Makuleke, Limpokwena & Botswana)

09 March – 02 May (Karongwe & Botswana)
10 April – 03 June (Selati & Karongwe)
11 May – 04 July (Selati, Pridelands & Karongwe) 10 June – 03 August (Selati & Karongwe)
04 July – 27 August (Pridelands & Selati)
03 August – 26 September (Botswana & Pridelands)
13 October – 06 December (Botswana & Karongwe)1

Professional Field Guide – All Camps

This comprehensive and unique one-year course has been designed to supply the safari industry with high-caliber FGASA and CATHSSETA qualified professional field guides. Students live and learn at four different wilderness camps giving them exposure to diverse ecological and geographical terrains, wildlife species, climates and more. These remote wilderness camps may include the Makuleke Concession (Kruger), Karongwe Reserve, Selati Reserve, Mashatu Reserve (Botswana) and Pridelands Reserve. The unfenced bush camps provide a consistently stimulating environment in which to learn, supported by highly qualified and experienced instructors, each with their own unique way of training and guiding that will enhance the overall student training experience. There is no other course that offers this breadth of wildlife immersion and knowledge.Participants can graduate with the following qualifications –
1. FGASA Field Guide Level 1 (theory and practical)
2. FGASA Trails Guide Back Up (theory and practical)
3. Firearm Proficiency Certificate (with a PFTC accredited provider)
4. Advanced Rifle Handling (FGASA accreditation)
5. Animal Tracks and Tracking (FGASA accreditation)
6. Basic Birding
7. Advanced Birding (FGASA accreditation optional)
8. Wilderness Medicine: Level 1 & 2 (SMART – registered & FGASA endorsed provider)
9. Navigation and Orientation
10. Lodge Placement Programme
The Professional Field Guide course comprises of 5 – 6 months intense theoretical and practical Field Guide training from our camps, followed by the Lodge Placement Programme (4 -5 months of practical experience at a reputable lodge).

South African Rand 374 960 (approx US$23.435.-)

03 January – 17 December 2023
01 February – 23 December 2023
02 August 2023 – 02 July 2024
02 September 2023 -06 August 2024 01 October 2023 – 03 September 2024

Safari Guide in Botswana

This Safari Guide course is a condensed version of the accredited FGASA Field Guide NQF2 course and teaches participants the practical and theoretical knowledge of the natural environment. Participants will learn how to identify and interpret elements of the natural environment. This course is intelligently designed to give learners the best immersive environmental learning experience whilst understanding the roles and some techniques of a professional field guide. This is a great course for those who are still deciding if a career as a safari guide is what they want to pursue.

South African Rand 80,800 approx US$5,050.-

08 May – 04 June (Botswana)
02 September – 29 September (Botswana)