14 Days Voodoo Festival Ghana Togo Benin from US$4,173.-pp

January 10th is always a very special day in Benin, a day for celebrating ancestral cults. 
In particular, all the Voodoo’s adepts meet in Ouidah and then convey in a long procession to the Door of No Return, some on foot while others by motorbike or “taxi-brousse”. 
They are all dressed up in traditional costumes, white being the dominant color. 
The Festival reaches its peak with the arrival of the Dagbo Houno, the chief “feticaur”. 
Dances, libations, masks, and some official speeches are all part of the morning program. 
Our fantastic cultural odyssey then heads inland, through the northern savannah.
We discover the Taneka tribe on a rocky mountain, the Tamberma people with their fairy-tale clay castles, and finally, we enter the Ashanti kingdom in Kumasi where we meet a paramount chief. 
We end our tour exploring the former Slave Coast, with its haunting European forts.

One of the most complete and spectacular tours in West Africa. 
Great experience combined with the choice of good accommodation. 
For travelers who want to get acquainted with this incredible region… and love Africa!

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