14 Days Ghana, Togo and Benin from US$3,270.-pp

Our fantastic cultural odyssey to the most remote regions of Ghana, Togo, and Benin to discover lost tribal worlds ruled by traditional chiefs and ancient spirits.
Along the coast, in the heart of voodoo original regions, we encounter practitioners, watch trance dances and learn about the great influence voodoo spirits still have on people.
Heading inland from the forest to the savannah, we discover the Taneka tribe on a rocky mountain, the Tamberma with their fairy-tale clay adobe castles, then an intriguing witches’ village, and finally, we enter the Ashanti kingdom in Kumasi forests.
We end our tour exploring the former Gold Coast, with the largest European castles in Africa; centuries remain of gold and slave trade.
Indeed, the most complete and spectacular way to discover West Africa’s rich patrimony of Tribes, Kingdoms, festivals, and ceremonies
For travelers who want to get acquainted with this unique region… and love Africa!

What is Special about the trips:

  • Akwasidae Festival (Ghana)
    In the Ashanti calendar certain days, each year are set aside for a very special celebration at the Royal Palace. We will experience a great traditional ceremony in one of the last African Kingdoms, which still practices its ancient rituals in full. During the celebration, the King sits under a large colorful umbrella, adorned in vivid cloth and massive ancient jewelry (Ashanti gold jewelry is considered masterpieces of African art), surrounded by dignitaries and elders, and on the side of the King sits the Linguist holding the golden symbols of power. The position and distance from His Majesty represent all roles and positions of power in the royal court. The ceremony starts with a procession: attendants bringing gifts, storytellers reciting the deeds of the past Kings, drummers and ivory trumpet players, sword bearers, armed guards, carriers of ostrich feather fans, high fetish priests, and corpulent women dressed in vivid red performing dance with erotic symbolism. The Queen Mother joins the ceremony surrounded by her di lei court di lei by lei. We will experience the splendor and intense atmosphere of one of the last great African Monarchies of the forests.
  • Egun masks (Benin) Egun masks represent the spirits of the deceased and according to the local population they “are” the deceased.
    The men wearing the masks representing Egun are initiates of the cult. Dressed in brightly multicolored clothing they emerge from the forest and form a procession through the village streets, leaping toward any foolish spectator who dares to get too close. You don’t want the Egun to touch you because if he does; there is a danger of death, so watch out! Some people touched by the Egun immediately collapse into a heap on the ground but fortunately, they recover quickly.
    On arrival, the masks perform a kind of bullfight that is designed to create fear and respect.

Apart from one of these main traditional events, participants of the tour will possibly attend the following events:
– an interesting voodoo ceremony
– a spectacular fire dance
– an “Ashanti funeral”: a festive celebration that consecrates the return of the spirit of an ancestor.

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