13 Days Ghana with Akwasidae Festival from US$3,740.-pp

Join our 13-day adventure to the heart of West Africa through an expedition-like journey across Ghana, a country that is incredibly rich in traditions and yet is experiencing ever-increasing modernity. 
A tour for travelers in love with timeless West Africa, a variety of landscapes and tribes, local markets rich in colors, spices, and smells, frenetic yet delicate rhythms, rituals, and dances. For those who are interested in the uniqueness of the Ashanti traditional ceremonies. We visit the castles which served the slave trade. We satisfy our hidden curiosity about witchcraft, we will visit a village entirely inhabited by witches! Special events: a royal festival in the Ashanti kingdom and an intriguing voodoo ceremony. In the north, we will walk in one of the few National Parks in West Africa, which deserves a visit, the Mole Park. A tour mixing people and nature, history and present, with an eye to Africa building its future. Accra is one of the most vibrant cities in Africa.

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