St.Anne Island

St. Anne Island Resort

Set on a private island surrounded by one of the largest marine parks in the Indian Ocean is one of the finest hotels in the Seychelles. Sainte Anne Resort & Spa blends seamlessly with nature. Lazy days can be spent discovering the island’s natural delights. On the pristine beaches, strewn with granite rocks, the only footsteps that you will see will be your own… honeymoon heaven! Colorful bougainvilleas, frangipane trees, hibiscuses and palm trees blend in with the original vegetation. Immerse yourself in an island of dreams and sensual pleasures.

In the crystal-clear waters of the marine park, a colourful kingdom of sea-life is ready to be explored. The underwater kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and slants of light swirl with innumerable fish species while spectacular corals, sea anemones and algae act as a fascinating stage set.

Departing from the sports centre, three different treks invite you to discover the many facets of Sainte Anne island under the guidance of the qualified staff.

• 87 villas strung out on private beach, some with pools
• Optional all inclusive package
• Only 10 min by boat from main island, you will see Mahe on the horizon not too far in the distance

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