Responsible Travel

In recognition of our commitment to responsible tourism we select safari lodges and tour operators that conduct business in a manner that benefits the environment, local population and wild life. Most camps are located in protected ecosystems and it is of huge importance for safaris to be conducted in a sustainable, sensitive and protective way.

We choose operators that have proven programs to support community development, schools, clinics and wildlife conservation and are responsible tourism specialists.

We understand the interdependence between local communities, the wildlife and natural resources that tourism depends upon and the importance of supporting it all in a sustainable way.  As camps are mostly operated in rural areas that lack other development opportunities, you, in the position as guest are through us, the operators and agencies, in a great position to impact positively on local people’s lives. It is thus of utmost importance to us that these principles are observed and the community benefits through your visit.

In addition Adventure to Africa is sponsoring a school nutrition program which is currently run at five schools in Zimbabwe: Ngamo, Mphindo, Kapane, Ziga and Jabulani. The feeding scheme feeds 1200 children every school day and makes a significant difference in terms of school attendance, concentration levels, etc. The parents of the children in the schools prepare the food each day and have worked out their own roster system for this, so there is no need to employ someone to cook the food and there is also active involvement of the community in the project. The program has introduced vegetable gardens, including boreholes and water tanks, at most of the schools in order to supplement the diet of the children, as well as where possible, to allow the school to sell the extra vegetables in the village to earn income for the school. US$100 will feed three children for one year. For more information see
children in the wilderness

We will provide you with details of the specific programs when you inquire about lodges that are of interest to you.

Some examples are: by Wilderness Travel

The Tau Foundation by The Tau Game Lodge

Robin Pope Safaris  is the Joint Overall 2011 Winner of  Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards, making them the ultimate winner across all 13 award categories. They are also partnered with Kawaza Schools, Lunagwa Safari Association Medical Fund, and the Zambian Carnivore Program