2016 Sardine Run Summary

This year was definitely one of the best Sardine Runs we had in the last 8 years since we started.
As always, we have no influence on nature, but we make sure that everything humanly possible is done in order to create the best possible conditions we can.
Our accommodation at the Ocean View Hotel on South Africa’s Wild Coast is amazing. And so is the food. All our guests were absolutely happy.
And Mother Nature was equally good to us.
Within the first two hours on the fist day we found a sardine bait ball. This is the ultimate on the Sardine Run. !! Normally we are happy if we find 2-3 Bait Balls a week. This year there were few days when we did not see a Bait Ball.
Some sardine activity was fast moving. This did not allow our guests to go on scuba. They had to be in the water as soon as possible, so snorkel fins and mask were all they needed.
Other Bait Balls were larger than we had ever seen. But funny enough, these large masses of sardines did not have any hunters on them.
Other Bait balls had the full package. Gannets, Dolphins, Sharks and even Brydes Whales.
Again we had encounters with sailfish hunting sardines this year. Brilliant !!!
We saw Gannets raining out of the sky, more Brydes Whales than ever before, and we had our boats in the middle of suppress of dolphins consisting of several thousand animals. Can anybody imagine this ??
The weather was perfect. No clouds and no rain, just sun and often even too hot.
We lost two days in all to strong winds. Our alternative program entertained our guests on land at no extra cost.
Our transport vehicles between the hotel and the launch site were great fun. We had a Landcruiser Prado and a Safari Landcruiser which were there to take our people where they needed to go.
Our large 8m rigid inflatable boats ( RIBs ) were in excellent condition and ideal for the conditions along the Wild Coast. One of our boats had a problem with the steering. This can happen and was fixed the same day. The people were taken back to the hotel where an alternative program was organized immediately. Most of them went on a microlight flip, others did a land excursion. The next day everything was back to normal.
Our crews were like always hard working and competent. We are working together on the Sardine Run for years now which proves a huge advantage. Our boys know exactly what to look for to find Bait Balls, Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Gannets etc.
Together with our spotter plane they are unbeatable !!!It definitely looks as if Coffee Bay was the place to be this year. Now and then we encountered boats all the way from Port St.Johns where our colleagues struggled to find any action. In desperation they drove 70km one way to Coffee Bay.. in a RIB…
Our biggest advantage is that there is only one hotel in Coffee Bay. We have an exclusivity agreement with the owners and so our entire area belongs almost entirely to us alone. No fighting with other boats over a Bait Ball or other activity.
We really offer excellent value for money !!!We are more than happy with this year’s events. There is definitely an upward trend.
In the past 4-5 years our Sardine Run has steadily improved.
Those who took part have a great story !!! …
Sardine Run 2017 : June 25th to July 25th!

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