White Water Rafting

Zambezi River, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Uganda

Zambezi River Rafting
Low water rafting – seasonal August to December. As the river levels drop off the rapid intensity grows and low water rafting season kicks off.
The flag ship rafting adventure – low water season takes you from rapid #1 through to rapid #19, many of which are graded 5, the best white water rapids in the world. Begin your adrenalin run in the boiling pot directly below the Victoria Falls and hammer your way through infamous rapids, whose names were conjured to instill fear and trepidation into would-be rafters, “The Overland Truck-eater”, “The Mother”, “Gnashing Jaws of Death” and the final biggy of the day “Oblivion”. Experienced guides will steer you on an unforgettable ride through the formidable rapids of the mighty Zambezi.
From US$ 120.- plus 10.- Natl Park Fee. This is the greatest one day white water rafting experience in the world!! High water rafting – seasonal Jan/Feb and June/July. The high water run operates as the river rises following the early rains and subsides as the dry season commences. The journey begins 10km downstream of the Falls starting at the Overland Truck-eater (Rapid 11) through to The End (Rapid 24) and includes the Mother (Rapid 13) at its brooding best. The river journey is about 15km. From US$120.- plus 12.- Natl. Park Fee. Rafting is in 8-man inflatable rafts captained by an experienced qualified river guide. Multi Day Rafting Adventures begin with the exhilarating low water rafting run of rapids #1 to #21. After an overnight rest at one of the exclusive beach camps we continue the next morning to explore more of the Zambezi River down to the Lower Muwemba Falls, past the Batoka Dam and on to where the land flattens out towards the upper reaches of Lake Kariba.
As you progress downriver the days get lazier as the river slowly widens as it enters flatter terrain and there is plenty of opportunity to fish, watch the wildlife and camp in the wilderness on splendid sandy beaches of the Zambezi. Accommodation is in tents although many people choose to sleep directly under the glittering canopy of an African night sky while they relive the memories of the day’s rafting around a camp fire. Transfer back to town is after breakfast on the last morning with ample opportunity to link with any outbound flights.
From US$ 500.- for 2.5 day trip.


Rafting on the Nile River

adrift rafting pic uganda websiteZgallery-8The beauty of the Nile in Uganda is nothing short of spectacular and unknown to all but the fortunate few who have had the pleasure of standing on its banks. Rafts explode through huge walls of whitewater and drift through the warm green pools (27°C) in the equatorial sunshine. This is whitewater rafting at its very best. From US$ 140.- for full day trip with 5 hours on the river.

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