Volunteer with Endangered Species in South Africa

Volunteer for 2 weeks to assists endangered species at 5 project sites on various wildlife reserves across Zululand, South Africa. The Zululand ecosystem is among the most diverse and productive wild lands on the planet, yet amid its gallery of wildlife, conservation efforts face tremendous challenges. Zululand makes a dramatic backdrop to our initiatives, as it is a place of majestic beauty with cultures as diverse as its landscapes. Zululand is a rare place with age-old cultures and traditions, yet it is the birthplace of wildlife conservation in Africa, where the rhino was saved from certain extinction 60 years ago.

For every two weeks that you join  a volunteer, you have the opportunity to live and work on a different park. Animals you can volunteer with are rhino, leopard, wild dog, cheetah and vultures. Only 5 volunteers are accepted per project at any time. Volunteers range from ages of 18 to 70 years old.

Please contact us for available project dates during the time you are available.

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