Kite Surfing in South Africa and Mozambique

South Africa

Whilst strong winds are an irritation to some, kite surfers spend their days in anticipation of strong, consistent wind conditions and South Africa’s coast has both. Cape Town has fantastic seas and consistent and strong enough winds for kite surfing and make it the premier destination for kite surfing.
Up the Cape West Coast in the Western Cape, Langebaan is internationally recognized as one of the top boardsailing venues in the world and is situated on the edge of a huge lagoon. The mornings start out dead calm and wind-free. Just before noon however, the wind picks up and you can head out onto the water. Several kite surfing schools offer experienced and qualified instructors should you like to give it a try. Examples of costs are: 2 hours introduction from US$72.- 1 day basic course US$143.- Rental of complete set consisting of kite, bar, twintip US$82.- per day.


Vilanculos  and Tofo (Tohfino Point) are a kite surfers dream. Combine that with sweet Mozambiquen prawns and the laid back locals and you have a match made in heaven.

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