Canoeing in Victoria Falls

A Canoe Safari includes gently paddling down the Upper Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls – the playground of hippo, shimmering home of crocodiles and the watering hole of buffalo and elephant – drifting though secretive channels and enjoying the ever-so-slight turbulence of the more placid rapids above Kandahar Island. You might be fortunate enough to spot a marshal eagle, witness a tiger fish jump or catch a glimpse of a clawless otter playing in the shadows by the banks.
A professional canoe guide will point out all the flora and fauna that can be spotted on the edges of the Zambezi National Park from inflatable canoes whilst sharing the realities of this amazing eco-system. Canoe Safaris are available throughout the year and make a fantastic alternative to White Water Rafting during the Off-Season.

Make your choice from our range of trips: Upper Zambezi trail (Start early in the day, and end your trip around 14h30) From US$197.- plus US12.- river usage fee. Overnight (Camp in the Zambezi National Park) one day plus overnight from US$320.- plus US$12.- river usage fee.

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