10 Days Unique Southern Madagascar from US$1,550.-pp

Practically untouched, colourful, wild and unique in its diversity: This is how Madagascar presents itself to the visitor, who wishes to experience something special. Vehicle with driver included!

Search for unique golden bamboo lemur 

Search Anja Park for tingtailed Katta Lemurs

Hike the canyons of Isalo National Park and swim in its natural more information…

10 Day Madagascar Guided Tour by Photographer US$1,665.-pp

This small guided group tour leads to the east of Madagascar along the Pangalanes canal, through Tamatave, Foulpointe, Fenerive Est and then from Soanierana-Ivongo by boat to the former pirate island of Sainte Marie (if the sea is not too rough), where you can see with some luck from June to September humpback whales. Then more information…

*16 Days Madagascar Photography Expedition from US$4,350.-pp

Guided Madagascar Photographic Expedition by David Van Driessche who will provide tutoring along the way.

Highlights of the Milky Way over the Baobab Avenue!

Look for the Fosa, Madagascar’s unique and largest carnivore, dancing Verreaux’s Sifakas and Giant Jumping Rats at Kirindy Reserve The iconic Baobab’s at Morondava – Milky way Photography and How to create awe-inspiring more information…