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Looking for a quality small group safari vacation in Southern Africa at an affordable price, with knowledgeable guides and like minded travellers? Our local operator has been creating memories for adventurous Africa travellers for more than 20 years.

We specialize in value for money, small group camping safaris and hotel accommodated tours that include wildlife safaris, walking and trekking holidays, cultural tours, safari holidays and overland journeys.

Choose from these comfort levels:

safari_grade_classic_journey_homepage***CLASSIC JOURNEYS: 3-4 Star accommodation, No-participation with helping out with chores, meals in lodges/restaurants with some picnics provided by guides. Classic itineraries below are indicated by *** stars.


safari_grade_accommodated_adventure_homepage**ACCOMMODATED ADVENTURES: 2-3 Star accommodation, Limited participation with helping out with chores,  Guides prepare the meals. Find itineraries below indicated by ** stars.



*UNDER CANVAS CAMPING: Camping, Limited safari_grade_under_canvas_camping_homepageparticipation with helping out with chores, Guides prepare the meals. Find itineraries below indicated by * star.



9 Day Kenya Safari, small group, many departure dates from US$4,134.- -

Immerse yourself in Kenya’s jaw-dropping landscapes and spectacular fauna on an exploration of three of the country’s protected natural areas. Set out on safari in Masai Mara National Reserve, driving through acacia-dotted plains teeming with wildlife; learn about rhino conservation from a representative of the Kenya Wildlife Service; and spot wading hippos and more information...

*21 Day or 15 Day Ultimate Namibia & Botswana Camping Tour from US$2,815.-pp/US$2,250.-pp -

A journey through the lush green Okavango Delta and the beautiful desolation of the Namib desert is an exploration of a lifetime across Southern Africa. Exciting wildlife in Etosha NP, walking the red sand dunes of Sossusvlei and adventure through the Okavango Delta by mokoro. This tour is also available for Livingstone to Windhoek only.

more information...

*21 Day Classic Cape Town to Victoria Falls Overland from US$2,945.- -

Cape Town to Victoria Falls is one of the classic “overland” routes in Southern Africa, including the Namib Desert, Etosha NP and the Okavango Delta. The variety of highlights makes it easy to see why this is one of our most popular tours. Alternately you can also take this tour from Cape Town to Windhoek more information...

***15 Days Ultimate Botswana and Zimbabwe from US$4,750.-pp -

This classic journey covers Botswana, Namibia & Zimbabwe & the core of the international Kavango Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation Area. This initiative is a multi country effort to create a vast network of interlinking reserves and provide corridors for wildlife movement along natural migration routes, particularly for elephants. The lodges are beautiful, comfortable & make more information...

***9 Days Botswana Game Parks from US$3740.-pp -

There are few wildlife experiences in the world like a week spent in the Botswanan wilderness. This classic itinerary offers a lodge and luxury camping combination safari. The lodges are beautiful, comfortable & make for a great adventure safari though the world famous parks.

Price: 2020: US$3,740.- pp sharing, Single Supplement US$1,011.-

Guaranteed departures

Tour more information...

**14 Days Botswana Parks and Victoria Falls from US$3,464.-pp -

Botswana is considered Southern Africa’s premier game viewing destination. But it is also known as a very expensive destination. However by using a range of affordable lodges we offer a fully accommodated tour of Botswana at a value for money price.

Price 2020: 14 day itinerary US$3,464 pp sharing + local payment of US$ 300, more information...

**17 Days South Africa & Swaziland from US$2,756.-pp -

This tour is an overview tour of South Africa including neighbouring Kingdom of Swaziland. The tour covers many highlights with a strong focus on the national parks. This diverse country is explored over great distances that may involve long days on the road, generally followed by a full day to experience the area. The fully more information...

In addition to the tour itineraries listed above we also have the following tours:

** Category: 14 Day Walking South Africa , 21 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls, 13 Day Cape to Namibia Tour, 16 Day Three Country Tour – Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa

1* Category: 14 Day Cape Town to Namibia, 14 Day Botswana to Victoria Falls, 15 Day Vic Falls, Namibia and Botswana, 16 Days Zimbabwe and Botswana

Why travel with us on Value Tours:

We understand that there are several options available to you when choosing your African safari. We also know that you want to make the most informed decision about your safari, what you get, what’s included and what you see and experience. So these are just a few of the qualities and facts:

  • Small groups – by travelling with a maximum of 8 or 12 people (depending tour), you are able to witness Africa and have first-hand contact with this amazing continent and its people without being a negative influence. This has been a key factor in our continued success. Our trips appeal to a wide demographic of traveller. Our clients range in age from 25 to 65+ with the average being 45. The range of travellers gives a variety of perspectives which adds to the experience of each safari.
  • 2 tour guides – group leaders are the key to any safari. On our safari you will travel with 2 qualified and registered field guides (Field Guides Association of SA). Two guides as crew, not a guide and a driver, means interesting trips with maximum knowledge and information. Our guides have a passion for Africa, her people and her wildlife, and they love nothing more than sharing their knowledge with you.
  • Guaranteed departures – departure dates on each itinerary shown as bold are guaranteed departure dates. All other departures operate with a minimum of 4 clients.
  • All inclusive price – when we travel ourselves, we always feel that if we’re in a country we should find and see the best it has to offer. So when planning the routes we ensure that each trip provides the best inclusions and experiences. For example, if you go to Botswana – you have to visit the national parks in an open 4WD – it is the essence of the Botswana wilderness. If you tour Zambia, then you must visit South Luangwa NP and do a game walk with a local scout. When booking our Safari there are no hidden costs. All of the entrance fees are included, and a wide range of activities, and most meals. We have included many highlights in our tours, so that you will see and experience the highlights without having to pay extra when you get there. So when you decide on which safari company to book with, look carefully at what you’re actually getting. You may only visit a place once, make sure you get the most out of it.
  • Safety – our fleet of vehicles are custom built to ensure comfortable and safe touring. Each is constructed, by an authorized passenger vehicle builder, to the latest safety requirements, with a safety shell, and every seat has a lap belt. This gives you peace of mind when travelling with our Safaris on the often demanding African roads.
  • Responsible travel – Our commitment to sustainable & responsible tourism is reflected in our low impact travel style where all we take is photographs and all we leave is our footprints. Being an African company we have the grassroots contacts to make a real difference in the lives of the people whose lands we visit.

On each itinerary in the brochure you’ll find a symbol which highlights just one of the sustainable travel initiatives that we support

  • Solo Travellers – going it alone won’t make your holiday more expensive; our reservations staff will match you up with another same-gender traveller to keep your holiday affordable. If however you request a single room or tent these are available, with a price supplement
  • Experience – Local operator has more than 22 years’ experience planning tours throughout Southern Africa. As such, our itineraries and routes have been perfected over many years ensuring that your tour will run smoothly. We visit the highlights of Southern Africa, but ensure that you do not follow the well-trodden tourist track. All of us have extensive travel experience in Africa, and throughout the world. Being adventure travellers ourselves, we know how to plan trips that give you a broad experience of the countries that you will visit.
  • Local Operator in Africa – probably the most important part of our value safaris is that our operator is an African company with offices in South Africa and Botswana. They live in Africa, and travel in Africa and it is their passion for this amazing continent that makes them best travel option.

SOS trees project – Okavango Botswana

  • For hundreds of years, the local communities in and around Botswana’s Okavango Delta have used the wood of the sausage tree to craft their traditional mokoro (dugout canoes). The knowledge and skill have been passed down from generation to generation and, up until recently, has been a sustainable practice. With increasing numbers of people visiting the Delta each year, more mokoro are needed and as a direct result, more and more sausage trees are being felled and the sausage tree is sadly disappearing from the region. A traditional wooden mokoro will have to be replaced every five years, thereby placing increased pressure on the dwindling sausage tree supply.

We have established a project to encourage polers in the local communities to buy replica fiberglass mokoro’s, which have a lifespan of approximately ten years, are more stable and are produced without any negative affect to the environment. As such, sponsorship for each fiberglass mokoro is needed, and a portion of the tour cost will be donated to the project, but we also will offer our clients the opportunity to contribute to this worthwhile cause. Please feel free to contact the our office for more information on the SOS trees project or if you would like to make any contributions towards this project. It is something that is close to all of our hearts and we hope that it will be successful.

Local Payment

  • A local payment is required on some safaris and this will be collected by your tour leader on departure. The local payment forms part of your overall tour cost, and must be taken into consideration when booking your safari. It will be used by your tour leaders to pay for some of the operational costs incurred on safari.

We prepay by bank transfer, as many of the tour costs as possible. However, in many cases, a cash payment is the only option: certain of the destinations that we visit, only accept cash. For example entry fees to most national parks, some of the campsites and also local food markets (and even some shops) are only payable in cash. In addition, each vehicle has a garage card but these are only accepted in South Africa and parts of Namibia, therefore in all other countries, fuel must be paid for in cash. Due to the remoteness of some departure points, having a local payment system enables us to manage tour funds effectively. The efficiency of this system helps keep the overall tour prices down.

For these reasons, it is necessary for us to charge a local payment. It also ensures that a portion of the tour costs goes directly into the country you are visiting, thereby benefiting local communities and contributing to the conservation of the areas we visit. This is all part of our ongoing effort to operate sustainable safaris that make a real difference.