3 Day Lemurs, Chameleons and Rainforest Andasibe Tour from US$748.-pp

Ideal short tour to visit Andasibe as an add-on to your Antananarivo “Tana”  visit or in your private vehicle with guide.  Search for a variety of lemur species and chameleons and explore local markets on the way.


  • Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
  • Perinet Special Reserve
  • Search for 12 different species of lemurs  and chameleons
  • Easy add-on to your Antananarivo stay
Start Accommodation Destination Basis Room Type Duration
Day 1 Mantadia Lodge Andasibe – Perinet Special Reserve HB+ 1x Double Room 2 Nights

HB+: Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Activities


US$986.- per person, sharing occupancy, 2 persons travelling together

US$748.- per person, sharing occupancy, 4 persons travelling together

Price valid until Oct 31, 2020.

Please inquire for higher or lower budget lodge stay.


Accommodation and meals (breakfast and dinner) as per package.

4 Wheel Drive vehicle from Tana to Andasibe with Driver/Guide.

Entrance and guiding fees for the following Parks: Peyrieras,  VOIMMA, Vakona, Perinet and Mantadia.

Day and Night time forest walks.


Acitvities and meals not mentioned in the itinerary, drinks. Activities listed under “possibility of”.  Visa and travel insurance.

Day 1:           Mantadia Lodge, Perinet Special Reserve


Evolution has occurred more or less in isolation on this remote island – located 400 kilometres off Africa’s east coast – with the result that much of its indigenous wildlife is found nowhere else on earth. Madagascar’s menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures includes the world’s biggest and smallest chameleons and over 70 species of lemur – long-tailed primates endemic to the island. The Madagascan landscape is no less compelling than the resident wildlife, with terrain ranging from lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches to the knife-edged karst tsingys of the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park’s ‘stone forests’. Madagascar is an otherworldly paradise where visitors are offered a unique glimpse into a fantastical one-of-a-kind world.

Perinet Special Reserve

Comprising 810 hectares of pristine rainforest and montane forest, the Perinet or Andasibe Special Reserve constitutes the southern section of the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park. Among the kaleidoscope of wildlife found in the reserve, it is the best place to see the Indri Indri, the largest of the lemur family, which stands roughly three feet high and has big, teddy-bear-like ears. Endemic to this part of the world, the Indri is critically endangered, with only hundreds left – however, most visitors to Perinet see Indris, and if you don’t see them, you will certainly hear their distinctive calls. Discover the eleven other species of lemur in the park, spot a variety of birds, find hidden rare orchids and try to catch a glimpse of the incredibly unusual satanic leaf-tailed gecko.

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Stretching across 154 square kilometres of eastern Madagascar, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is a place of great beauty and biodiversity. It is divided into two distinct sections: the smaller Analamazaotra or Perinet Reserve to the south and the larger Parc National de Mantadia to the north. The region is swathed with thick tropical rainforests made up of lush ferns, tangled lianas, hundreds of orchid species and myriad other jungle flora and teeming with a diverse array of endemic wildlife. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you hear the peculiar call of the Indri, the largest living lemur in existence, which can reach up to one metre in height. Visitors can enjoy spectacular hikes, discover hidden waterfalls, and hunt for rare orchids.

Day Itinerary

Antananarivo – Andasibe (145Km – 4h drive)

Meet at your hotel or the airport and we drive to the Perinet special reserve through a myriad of villages and admire the traditional lifestyle of the Malagasy people. All along the way, rice paddies, chimney-less long clay red houses and millions of roadside markets displaying a variety of handicrafts, fruit and meat markets- all this against a pretty backdrop of golden grasslands and granite inselbergs.

On the way, stop and visit the Peyrieras farm where you can easily see reptiles and have chance to approach lemurs at feeding times.

Continuation towards Andasibe and lunch at your expenses (suggestion: Au coq d’Or, Moramanga)

Arrive in Andasibe in the middle of the afternoon.

Night stroll for wildlife watching (1h to 1h30 walking)

Overnight: Mantadia Lodge

Located on a hill of a 100 meters high which gives a panoramic view of the forest. There are 25 rooms, 10 of which are Twins and one of which is a Family Suite for 5 guests. All rooms provide the comfort of a 3 star hotel, and are equipped with Wi-Fi, cable TV and a terrace that offers a panoramic view, an inside living room and a wood burning stove for the cooler season. The restaurant was designed with large windows in order to provide a spectacular view, as well as a 40 square meter terrace for a unique lunch.


Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Activities

Day 2:           Mantadia Lodge, Perinet Special Reserve

Day Itinerary


The park of Andasibe gathers 2 protected areas: the National Park of Mantadia and the Special Reserve of Analamazoatra (or the Perinet reserve). In the early morning we start with a walk through the Perinet reserve to spot the Indri-Indri (the largest lemur specie) – for 1h30 walking in the forest.

Then, we continue with the visit of the Mantadia reserve (2h30 walking). In the park, there are 12 different species of lemurs (nocturnal and diurnal) and also 120 bird species with an endemic rate of 50 %. Tenrecs (sort of hedgehog) and chameleons come across your way too, and you enjoy the primary forest curiosities such as trees ferns, lichens, epiphyte orchids (angraecum, bulbophyllums,…), medicinal plants, or precious woods like Dalbergia.

Lunch at your expenses (suggestions: picnic ordered at the hotel, local restaurant in Andasibe or late at the hotel)

Afternoon to visit the Vakona Forest Lodge private reserve with the lemur island (1h walk with a short canoe crossing)


Dinner, Bed, Breakfast and Activities

Day 3:           End of Itinerary

Day Itinerary

Drive back to Antananarivo after having breakfast.


Bed & Breakfast


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